WILD Pacific Smoked Salmon


We started Sea2Go Seafood when we couldn't find quality, ready-to-serve salmon to send to friends as a gift.


15 years ago, there weren't many choices.


We found a wonderful, small fishing company that knew just where to catch the best wild, west coast BC salmon.

We developed our own special smoked salmon recipe, unique packaging and...


Sea2Go Seafood was born.


Now, our little online store ships tasty, wild pacific smoked salmon around the globe.


Then...we started to get requests for wild Pacific smoked salmon from fundraisers...


And a whole new story began...


Sea2Go Seafood only carries salmon from a federally inspected processing facility, certifying that all safety standards are achieved. The salmon is Kosher Seafood Certified (OU), European Union (EU) approved, HACCP Compliant, and US FDA approved. Halal Certification pending.