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  • What certifications do Sea2Go products have?
    Sea2Go Seafood only carries salmon from a federally inspected processing facility, certifying that all safety standards are achieved. The salmon is Kosher Seafood Certified (OU), European Union (EU) approved, HACCP Compliant, and US FDA approved. Halal Certification pending.
  • What does a "smoking process" involve?"
    During the smoking process, BC WILD Pacific Smoked Salmon from Sea2Go is filleted and a dry brine consisting of coarse sea salt is applied, and left to rest on the salmon fillets. After several hours, (depending on the thickness of the salmon fillets), the salmon is delicately rinsed and then left to dry for another few hours. This salting process creates what is called a pellicle on the salmon. This allows for the smoke to stick to the salmon flesh. The salmon is then smoked with hardwood smoke for 8 hours or more (depending on the thickness) at no more than 80̊ F. This process creates the favourite 'west coast smoked salmon'. After the smoking process, the fillets are cut into specific serving sizes and sealed in custom gold vacuum packed "retort" pouches. Finishing the salmon this way allows the salmon to be kept unopened and unrefrigerated for up to 5 years. Once opened, Sea2Go Wild Pacific Smoked Salmon must be kept refrigerated and used within 3 days. Wild Pacific Smoked Salmon from Sea 2 Go is processed in British Columbia, Canada.
  • Why choose WILD Salmon over Farmed Salmon?
    First and foremost, wild salmon just tastes better! Ask any chef or cook and you’ll get the same answer. But there is another reason as well. Wild salmon can be fished in a sustainable manner that is not harmful to the environment. Using methods of line fishing and gill netting, wild salmon can be caught while causing minimal impact on marine populations and ecosystems. Farm salmon is non-sustainable and can be damaging for the environment. Often as much as 3 pounds of fish is required to raise 1 pound of farm salmon! Compared to farmed salmon, wild salmon is more nutritious and carries fewer toxins. According to a published report from CTV news: "All servings of salmon are a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins A and D, however wild salmon packs more nutritional benefit per ounce. Lab tests showed that samples of wild Pacific salmon had more than 500 International Units of Vitamin D, while farmed salmon had far less – just 60 I.U. For children and adults under the age of 50, Health Canada recommends 200 I.U. of Vitamin D each day. The tested samples of wild salmon also had 154 I.U. of Vitamin A compared to 40 I.U. found in the samples of farmed salmon. Likewise, the fat content of wild salmon was 2.5 per cent while farmed salmon had three times the fat, an overall 13 per cent fat content. Because of the higher fat content, farmed salmon can store more Omega 3 fatty acids than wild salmon. But this also means farmed salmon can accumulate higher levels of toxins such as PCBs, a banned toxin found in materials like asbestos."
  • Are there taxes added?
    There is no tax on salmon shipped from BC, as it is considered a grocery item therefore not subject to taxes. For our fundraising customers, you will need to check with your local jurisdiction whether or not you will need to add tax to a grocery item that you are selling. Our customer service representatives may be able to assist you at the time of order.
  • Can Sea2Go deliver to an international address?
    Yes, Sea2Go can ship to addresses outside Canada. Please be aware that extra shipping charges may apply. Please note, single orders over $200. will be subject to duty in the US. Contact us with any questions. Orders shipped to international addresses other than the US may be subject to customs regulations in the receiving country. Contact us for more details.
  • What are the payment methods?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard and American Express via Paypal If you wish to pay offline, please contact us at and we will arrange Payment through the Square Terminal.
  • Why does my reciept say "West Coast Marketing Consultants"?"
    West Coast Marketing Consultants (registered in British Columbia) is the operating arm of Sea2go Seafood
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