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Why do Fundraising?


  • Unrestricted Income: The income fundraising can generate often contributes to needs & costs which cannot be obtained from elsewhere. Most income from fundraising can be used at the discretion of the cause for which it is raised unlike the income from grants or gifts, which is usually earmarked for specific purposes


  • Promoting Awareness: Fundraising is also a way of promoting awareness of the causes

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What are you raising funds for?


  • As with all fundraising you need to be clear from the beginning what you are fundraising  for. You need to communicate this VERY CLEARLY to your volunteers and to the customers - In both verbal & written communications


  • How much do you need to raise?


  • You should set a fundraising target for your campaign. This target may be the actual cost of completing a project or projects, or it may be a goal you can aim for. But the target must be both realistically achievable and specific, for example, $10,000. for new sports equipment or $15,000. for new music instruments, or $50,000. for a new playground, and so on


  • It’s often a good idea to create some sort of ‘thermometer’ image to both set your goal and track your progress.



  • Specific


  • Measurable


  • Achievable


  • Realistic


  • Timely


  • Evaluated


  • Reviewed

What to do?


  • Carefully select the product/event/activity for your fundraising campaign. Keep in mind things such as upfront costs, storage, weight, margin potential, time of year and so many others (An experienced Sea2Go Customer Service Advisor will be happy to discuss a full range of issues that you may want to consider when choosing a product to promote)


  • Something you will need to consider in choosing your fundraising product is the number of people you will reach and the amount they will be prepared to spend. So, for example, if you have to raise $5,000 and choose:


  • Having a Raffle - you will have to sell over 5,000 tickets at $1 each to reach your target (+ low expenses)


  • Donations - you will have to reach over 25,000 if all give 20 cents each (+ medium expenses)


Who does it?


  • Involve as many people as you can in the Campaign. Fundraising can be a very labour-intensive activity, requiring a diverse range of skills and knowledge. It is unlikely that one person will be able to undertake all the work required


  • Form a Fundraising Committee in the early planning stages to ensure back-up support. Issues (illness, weather, unplanned personal matters, and so on) will arise and a plan will need to be ready. 

Use the Media


  • To maximize support for your fundraising event, make proper use of any FREE PR opportunities locally, regionally and nationally, as appropriate. Consider the main media channels of television, radio and the press by issuing a simple Press Release clearly outlining the PURPOSE of the Fundraiser and the intention of the use of profits.

Fundraising Calendar


  • It may be help to use a wall planner to set out your fundraising calendar, planning your events and activities and keeping a tally against your fundraising target on a week by week basis, until your final deadline or the target is achieved.

  • Sea2Go Seafood is a 100% Canadian, BC-based Fundraising company that offers a unique idea (WILD Pacific smoked salmon) for organizations wishing to raise money for their cause. Their Customer Service advisors are available to answer any/all of your questions about Fundraising


  • Sea2Go Seafood can be shipped ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD


  • Sea2Go Seafood is Kosher Seafood Certified (OU), European Union (EU) approved, HACCP Compliant and US FDA approved


Keep records

It is important to keep accurate records for all your fundraising activities in order to:


  • maintain public confidence

  • comply with legal requirements

  • safeguard volunteers and staff

  • prudently manage and monitor your fundraising methods

  • prevent fraud 


Report your success back to those that bought and thank them for being a part of that success!

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Volunteer Targets


  • The use of volunteers greatly improves the scope of fundraising activity. A well informed and supported team of volunteers can greatly ensure the success of your campaign if they have sales targets. 

Partner Organizations


  • You may consider approaching other organizations that can assist you with your campaign (putting up a sign, permitting a small table for sales at their location, sharing expenses at an event, and so on). Many people in your community may be able to assist you by using their distribution network to help you achieve your fundraising target!

General Tips


  • Always, always try to get in-kind donations for your Fundraising Campaign so that your expenses are as low as possible


  • Remember that fundraising is not all about income generation but also about expenditure reduction


  • Approach businesses for in-kind donations of products, venues or staff expertise


  • Ask local papers, radio and television for free publicity. Ask printers to sponsor promotional posters, leaflets and brochures


  • Enlist as many volunteers as possible, but only as many as you can properly train, support and have confidence in


  • Take every opportunity to maximize the fundraising potential of your campaign by combining activities, such as holding raffles to WIN what you are purchasing/offering for sale. This way, even those that don't want to buy or can't afford to buy, are still able to contribute towards your goal in some way


  • Anticipate what might go wrong, and have a plan B for when the unexpected happens


  • Have some fun!!!

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